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Shamanic Drum

Sacred wisdom is all around and in us, within our bodies, our breath, our hearts, our earth, our personal life stories, and in the seen and unseen world around us. There are many ways to gain access to the healing, peace and joy that such wisdom brings to us. The ability to consciously connect and embody this sacred wisdom is our birthright, enabling us to live a life of beauty, passion, compassion and love.

I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. My healing work honours the wisdom of Shamanism, The Divine Feminine and Shiatsu.
I also work with pregnant couples providing Hypnobirthing classes using The Wise Hypoo birthing programme.

I intermittently hold unique 'Conscious Birthing' workshops, that provide a space for individual exploration of the the transformational aspect of pregnancy birth and motherhood.

What is Shamanism?
Shamanism is the oldest spiritual knowledge and direct practice of healing known to humanity, restoring harmony and balance, by addressing the spiritual origin of imbalance and illness in the world. Shamanism recognises that ‘everything’ is alive and holds consciousness, that Spirit communicates with us continually, and that all life is implicitly connected and sacred... find out more

What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a method of bodywork based on traditional oriental philosophy and medcine that works with the body on a physical and energetic level to restore physical, mental and emotional health... find out more


What pregnancy and birth services do you provide?
I provide Hypnobirthing classes using - The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

This is an exciting, excellent quality, newly launched antenatal programme, by two longstanding and successful Hypnobirthing teachers who have developed this programme to be easily accessible modern and UK centric, which teaches techniques for creating a calm gentle birth, learning how to eliminate the fear –tension- pain cycle, and allowing for a comfortable birthing eliminating the need for pain reliving drugs... find out more

I hold Conscious Birthing workshops. These are unique antenatal workshops for women, providing a sacred space that allows individual exploration of one’s own pregnancy, impending birth and motherhood, drawing on various disciplines and shamanic practises, honouring the natural and spiritual processes of pregnancy... find out more

Shiatsu in pregnancy.... Japanese massage/body therapy, good for helping relieve common complaints in pregnancy and for general well being... find out more

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